Opening for Santana

What a wonderful opportunity our jazz band Uno Mas was given. It started out as a high profile corporate show for Allstate Insurance. We were given the budget to bring in David Say on Sax and Max Zipursky on keys. We new we were in good hands.

Then a day before the show we were told the headliner was going to be Santana and were asked to keep it hush hush as that was the big surprise for the night. Hence, we were not able to tell anyone about this show before it happened. It’s now happened and we can talk. SANTANA!!! What sweet soul. He took the time to chat with us a bit back stage about Coltrane and “being the light”.

It doesn’t seem obvious at the moment, but part of the reason we were given that opportunity is because you the music fan has been coming out to our shows and giving the support that you have. Thank you for that. Thank you as well to Siegel Entertainment, Allstate Insurance, Santana for his words of wisdom, and Santana’s band for grooving so heavy they moved tectonic plates on stage.